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    If anybody wishes to attend Lincoln Tech,dont!
    its a waste of time, money, and all they are after
    is your money.

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    which one did you go to?

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    Unhappy tech schools

    I have found tech schools from my experience
    not just in Hvac are lacking at best.When I went to
    school in 95 my first instructor stayed on the
    phone in his office 5 out of 6 hours a day.Just before
    he was let go that he said he felt like a adult day care service.What you must remember most of those that teach
    could not cut in the field and either end up working
    behind the counter at a hvac supply house,maintenace
    man or tech teacher.Some teachers will stretch the
    truth, fail to tell you the harsh parts of hvac trade.
    What I did was make the best of the worst situation.
    I found a large library of GTAC (carrier) and VIP
    (lennox) service training videos donated by all kinds
    of manufactuers.There was a total of 65 to 70 videos
    it helped alot.I wont bs you like those whose job
    depends on a head count in class to justify the class
    to the higher up brass.You will do a lot of field training
    (short version of figure it out yourself),hot attics,roof tops,overtime and more overtime, on call,crawling under
    floors,poor work enviroment.If thats not enough the
    trade wants people that can hit the ground running
    making them money.So learn all you can and be ready
    to stand your ground the first five years make or break
    a tech.

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