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    Good hvac repair

    Anyone have a suggestion for how to find a honest and knowledgeable hvac installer or repairman?
    I don't mind paying a little extra I just want the work done correctly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iglehart View Post
    Anyone have a suggestion for how to find a honest and knowledgeable hvac installer or repairman?
    I don't mind paying a little extra I just want the work done correctly.
    I would look for a company that has been in business for a long time.

    Not the (company) name, but the owners. Company names stay the same but the reputation goes with the original owner.

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    The best advertising is "word of mouth".

    Ask people whom you know have a comfortable house if they would recommend who ever installed their system.

    When you are out driving around look for signs in people's front yards put there by HVAC companies. Most people who are happy with a companies work allow them to put up signs when they do a job. Stop and ask the homeowner if they are happy.

    If they don't want to talk about it they probably aren't happy about the companies work. If they are happy they will be gushing about what a great company it was. Ask if you can look at the work, inside and out. You can tell right away if it was a hack job by how it looks.

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    Word of mouth is the best way to find someone that is reputable (but not fool proof). If the company has a good reputation that is a good start, you’ll want a company that will stand behind their work. You may check with a few local businesses to see who they use and if they are happy with them. Not all companies that do commercial work will also do residential work.

    One problem is that even though the company has a good reputation; that does not mean that the tech that shows up to do your work is the best they’ve got. Almost every company that I’ve work for had a few very talented guys, but it seems there was always that one guy that I would not want to touch my stuff. Even years of experience may not give you an idea of how good a tech is. I currently work with a guy that has been in the trade almost 30 years. I swear he doesn’t have 30 years of experience, he has one year of experience 30 times.

    Ask around

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    It's easy. When you get them on the phone, simply ask "How would you size a replacement AC unit for my home?" If they say any of the following; by looking at the size of the existing equipment, or by the square footage of the house, or by our 227 years of vast experience; then keep calling and asking each one in the book. But when you find the one that says "by a Manual 'J' load analysis" or "By a load analysis" or "By doing a room-by-room load analysis" or "By doing a Manual 'J', or anything similar, then you've found your company. Tell them you have a service problem or that you'd like to have regular maintenance or whatever. But invite them over. They're pros and they don't cut corners.
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