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    hydrocarbon/gas detectors

    realized i MUST have one this up coming heating season. Was doing a quarterly on a boiler when a visitor came into the boiler room "it kind of smells like gas" I have known for a wile its difficult for me to smell gas, but now i think i am am totally void of smelling it. SOOOOOoooooo, i need a good brand of gas sniffer. something where i can get in the general area and then bubble or with a high and low settings.

    guessing this room has about 1/2 mile of gas pipping so to bubble all the joints would be to much time.

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    I use an Inificon. I've had 2 years now. Very accurate and reliable.


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    I have an old Tif, 11 yrs old and still works great. I don't know if new technology has improved on anything. Also have used an ultra sonic detector with good results.
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    I have a backarach but it's garbage so don't get that one. lol

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    I have one by UEI that I've had for about 10 years and it is one of the better ones I've used. Here's a look:
    The tooughest leak I found was so small that the bubbles I was using did not start to bubble until after a few minutes while the detector started screaming within a few inches of the area.
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