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    Low High Side Pressure on Goodman Heat Pump

    Goodmand 2 Ton Heat pump was not working. The condensor fan was not turning. Replaced fan and system ran. But I got odd reading Below are the readings:

    High Side 132 (=75 degrees)
    Low Side 75 (=44 Degrees)
    Temp Outside: 99
    Temp Inside at return: 88
    Wet Bulb: 75
    Temp after evap: 68
    Temp drop across Evap: 20 (Seemed Good)
    Target Superheat 22 (3*75 - 80 -99/2) = 23
    Temp on suction line = 68 (though fluctuated)
    Actual SH = 68-44 = 24
    Temp on Discharge line = 105
    Subcooling = 105 - 75 = 30

    After awhile clouds rolled in and the outdoor temp dropped to around 92 and the head pressure dropped to around 95. I did not retake all the measurements. I do not understand the low head pressure. I am thinking about taking another set of guages to double check.

    Also when taking the suction line temperature every once in awhile it would drop to 52-55 degrees and then raise back to around 68 degrees.

    Any suggestions on what to check?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rwbil View Post
    Goodman 2 Ton Heat pump was not working. .
    Temp Outside: 99 High Side 132 (=75 degrees)
    Temp Outside: 99 High Side 132 (=75 degrees)

    You need to call this guy fast!
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    check your high side gage.

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