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    Cooking Grate Care

    I have a Weber Spirit with porcelin coated cast iron grates. Besides brushing them with a grill brush after every use or letting the food build up burn off every once in a while is there anything else that needs to be done to them?

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    I see you've had no replies yet so I'll give you my

    I personally have never used porcelain coated grates, mine are 1/4" dia. stainless steel. This is how I keep mine from building up too much cooked on food and sauce. I get the grill nice and hot and then apply olive oil using a napkin held with tongs. Occasionally taking a wire brush to it get's the underside cleaned off.

    I don't know if it's the answer for your porcelain grates, and maybe someone with more experience will chime in.

    Happy cookin'!

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