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    We installed a Fujitsu mini and needed to install a condensate pump(220v mini from little giant).I need to go out on this unit and don't know if the 220v power is supplied to the indoor unit at all times or just when the outdoor unit is sending 220v into unit on a call for ac.Any help???

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    It's there all the time (how else could the blower run). On an AC model there are three conductors from the condenser to the air handler. One of these is for the compressor contactor. On the heat pumps there are five conductors I believe. All are high voltage and I think it's 208-230 once you get past 12,000 BTU and 115 for 12,000 and under. The wiring diagram doesn't designate well which of these conductors is going to be "hot" all the time for a pump but only assigns all the terminals numbers I think. Just check them with a meter with the thermostat off. Of course, if power is available elsewhere, plug that pump in and if you want to use the auxilary float it gets a little tricky. We do it with a contactor, transformer, and enclosure. Hope this helps.

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    From your profile it say\'s you been a service tech for 25 years. Did this come with a schematic? Or was it shipped in Chinese language, I like to look at schematics when I cant figure them out, Doesnt 24 volt pull in a contactor to allow the 220 to go to the unit.thus you should have 220 going to the unit at all times,but only on one side of the contactor. Is this what your asking?

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