House built 1960, Charleston, SC - hot and humid
Brick ranch, 2300 sq/ft on crawlspace
Current ductwork is metal and located in crawlspace (not conditioned).
Replaced HVAC Unit 3 years ago - Carrier, 2 stage, 2 ton, located outside - does both heating and cooling.
Have 1 25x20 return.

I have hardwood floors throughout the house and no insulation underneath.

My termite guy was over doing an inspection and said I have problems with my HVAC. There is water beading up on the bottom of the floor boards above the main "trunk?" duct that runs down under the house. Why is this happening ? Also said the insulation is saturated with water.

Most of the other ducts are dripping and my mosture readings were really high.

Question is do I keep my metal ductwork and reseal it or do a complete rip-out and install another product? There is room to move around fairly well under there.

I have read about sealing existing ductwork with mastic...I have called the company that installed my HVAC unit...I think they are reputable. I just want some opinions on what my next steps should be.

Thanks for your time... Ron