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    Wet Furnace - Repair or replace


    I have a customer who had a hot water heater burst in her basement and water was literally in a pool about 3ft high, so the furnace next to it got submerged in water. The circuit board already shows signs of corrosion (green colored), and the blower motor also got wet.

    Obiviously I need to replace the circuit board and whatever other parts may have gone bad. Should i attempt a repair or just replace the furnace entirely?

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    The manufacturer is sure to say it must be replaced. That was the case after widespread flooding in the midwest 20 or so years ago when air conditioners were flooded.

    Are you willing to tell the customer that replacing the board and motor will completely remedy the flooding? I would not. When other parts fail prematurely they will fault you for not recommending a complete replacement.

    BTW, its just a water heater. There's no reason to heat hot water.

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    Replace, especially if its a gas furnace.

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    Just curious, but how does that happen? I thought all basement had floor drains. I have two. You could run my water service wide open on a 3/4" line and it would have no trouble draining. I suppose the drains can plug off.

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    Replace safety controls that got wet. If just the board & motor, might be worth repairing, especially if late model. If gas valve, limits, stuff higher up got wet too, then getting into the replace range.

    Around here, most basements have sump pumps. 1 or more. If they fail during a heavy rain, furnaces do go swimming. Had one house go through 3 furnaces (drowned, not just a couple feet). Finally got smart and hung it from the ceiling .

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