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    whats up guys this is my first post, im a 23 year old 5th year appren at lu725. i did this job a few months ago as a 4th year and the lead man on the job. heres some pics
    Bldg in miami


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    once i figure out how to post pics i will, sorry fellas

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    img in [] then filename location then close with /img in []

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    motor almost out

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    heavy as hell motor ready to go

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    THis is a pcv machine(smaller than cvha) But its still got the old control panel

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    When it was time to start her back up it was scary but everything worked out well.

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    The pics I can see look good. Im a 29 year old 2nd year apprentice in Washington, D.C., Steamfitters Local Union 602. Looks like your almost out of your time. Keep up the good work

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    thanks man, i dont know why the other pics arent working

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