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    Question High temp black stove paint

    Is there a hi temp black paint that has low odor? I like to touch up the grates and the stuff I use has a very strong smell.

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    Unfortunately not. It's a paint and all paints have an odor. Mask everything off and use proper ventilation when you spray. Once the paint dries you won't have such a strong odor.


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    Grates? Take it outside.

    Stove Bright paint is the best. Smell doesn't bother me, but the homeowners usually run quick and open a window.

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    Seems like green and healthy anything doesn't seem to work as well... hmm.

    R12 - low pressures, great range of applications, can't be beat,
    R11 - excellent low pressure refrigerant, awsome solvent
    asbestos - awsome insulating properties - floors, ceilings, pipe wrap, duct tape, brakes...
    lead paint - goes on smooth, lasts for years
    leaded gas - cool, smooth running engines
    mercury - switches, t-stats, flourescent lamps, on and on and on... and fun to play with... mmmwahahaha...

    Use that smelly Stove Bright paint while you still can because I guarantee you what ever they come out with next won't kill you, give you cancer, cause global warming, kill polar bears, and it won't work that well either.

    Don't get me wrong - I like my health and the planet, but I wish sometimes there was some middle ground - that we could still have the tools that get things done.

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