I am looking for someone that is looking at the serious possibility of considering going into business, I can qualify for the mechanical/ I need some help on the financial aspect of the qualifier side, I have the 2004-service vehicle, the tools to begin with, I am looking for a partner willing to use their credit to qualify as the financial part of the licensing...it could be someone tired of working for others! or someone who wants a return on an investment-percentage, this person could be a silent partner, or run the office part, this person could run half of everything, or this person(s), depending on the experience or what interest of the investor would want to consider!, could be taken off the financial qualifier of the business after or within the first twelve months/ and receieve a percentage of the profit/income.,,,,,,,,,,,Thanks to all! for all serious inquireies only of those interested, and those offers that are/or may be pending! I posted here, because there might be someone, instead of working for someone else that is ready or wanting to work for themselves, or simply invest! contact me nighter1@excite.com