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    My employer wants to buy me a new laptop computer and I get to choose it. What computer would you buy if you had a choice? I can pretty much get what ever I want but I don't appear like I'm taking advantage of the situation and get more than I need.
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    Dude, get a Dell.

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    I use a Sony VAIO. Serves me well.
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    Personally I would stay away from the Pentium stuff, just stick with AMD. It's just as fast (usually anyway), it's since it's cheaper you can upgrade other stuff thats more helpfull like RAM and hard drive space.

    I don't have much advice on which brands though since I typically put systems together from different brands... kind of a mutt you could say.

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    I work for a major HVAC manufacturer and we are supplied with Dell Lattitude D600 laptops. Never heard a single gripe from anyone else and I like mine.

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    On of my customers is a computer repair shop. I told the owner that I wanted to get a new lap top, he said go get a Toshiba, he has seen them fall down stair wells and did not break apart and still work. I got the Toshiba.

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    try , you can pick out the best parts for the money and they make their stuff totally upgradeable so you can always improve on the laptop. the way they set it up is you have a menu listing the basic parts, and you can upgrade or downgrade and see exactly how it effects the price

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