I just completed a 1 year HVAC course via the internet/ snail mail. I have learned much, but haven't had much in the way of hands-on experience yet.

I will complete the EPA exam in the next couple of months. I am 26, and have a Finance degree from a four year college. I got sick of the finance world and decided on HVAC as a skilled trade. I very much enjoy trouble shooting and working with my hands. I have genuine and sincere interest in this profession. I have a tremendous work ethic and many personal and professional references. Eventually, I would like to get into system sales.

Current work: Currently I earn $10.50/ hour working in a retail/sales environment in Kansas.

Am I going to face massive resistance due to the fact that I lack hands-on training? Assuming I have a EPA cetification and my HVAC course would anybody want to hire me? I'm guessing smaller firms is who I should target?