This is to see what Washington has to offer. Home is for sale but can't leave until sale is closed.

Looking to move to Whidby Island preferably, Oak Harbor in particular. Would like to hear of openings in other areas as well.

Current duties:
Everything but accounting
I do all estimates(including load calcs.), billings, technical training, service, service manager, installation design, installation assistance, installation manager, business strategy planning and execution, and marketing.

With the right resources I can either maintain a business' level of performance or bring it to a whole new level as the owner wishes.

My specialty is heat pump technology, ground source in particular(not inlcuding loop as we have that subed out). I have a great understanding of IAQ and complexed controls. I have experience on all major brands of equipment with extensive knowledge of Goodman, Lennox, Heil, and Climate Master. I have experience with pellet burning stoves as well. **I have little to no fuel oil experience.**

Only certifications include EPA-608 universal and Climate Master installation and service certification.

Once again, this is purely to see what is out there though the right offer may prompt my leaving southeast Iowa. If nothing else, information about wages, types of most commonly used systems would be appreciated.

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