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    Johnson NAE / NIE55 Issues SOS SOS SOS

    We have a large facility with several NAE's & NIE's on our network. Recently we lost an NIE and replaced it. we deleted the old one and added the new one. The problems are;

    1. There is a ghost of the original NIE that we cant get rid of, in otherwords we have two of the same NIE one functions one doesn't. We had the original one set as the "SITE DIRECTOR" don't know if that is why were having problems removing it from our tree.

    2. Recently we lost the ability to see all of our LCT programs in this NIE. The programs are still functioning but we cannot see them through the ADX. Interlocks, schedules, and other values and points are still there and functional.

    We have tried everything we can think of.

    Please HEEELLLPPPP!!!!!!!

    If there is any Johnson guys out there that could give us some insight it would be greatly appreciated.

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    your ADX should be set up as the site director when you have a server, not an nae/nie

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    We do have a dedicated server for the ADX and multiple NAE's / NIE's on our network.

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    What Version


    We had the same issue, and believe it was version 2.0. Upgraded to version 2.2 and problem was corrected.

    What version do you have? We had JCI engineering team look at this and we tried all types of things. At the end, upgraded and fixed the problem.

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    Like Igotworms stated, if the NIE was dedicated as the site director, you have to make the ADX the director...

    Go to the tree and right click the ADX icon and click view, then you may have to click advanced and then scroll down to the local site director under "site", it should state the name of the ADX, if it calls out the NIE, there is the boo boo....Re assign the ADX as the director then you should be able to rid of the NIE without too much fuss, you cannot have a non existing controller be the director....You will have all sorts of odd problems..

    Good hunting...

    GT Jets
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    The NIE was the site director 6 years ago. At that time we installed an ADX server and it became the new site director.

    Our system consists of one ADX server, seven NIE's, and 22 NAE's. The entire system is at a level 3.1.

    Just recently one of our NIE's failed & was replaced. After replacing the NIE is when these problems occured.

    It just so happens that the NAE that went bad was the site director six years ago. I'm unsure if this is causing an unseen problem.


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    If the new NAE is at a newer release 4.x to 5 then you will have to re-image it to 3.1 or it will not display the LCT logic. You can likely UI directly to the NIE and see the logic, but if the ADX is at a lower release than the NIE you won't beable to display certain things like LCT properly.

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    We are at the correct versions.

    When we replaced the NIE and downloaded the database to it that's when we got the two images but one of the images worked properly just a nuisance of having two. That was 6-8 months ago, the LCT just recently disapeared.

    When we connect directly to the NIE we cannot access the LCT.

    When we try to upload or download to it we get a "General Database Error"


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    Did you re-image the new NIE? If you bought a new one it would not be at release 3.1 unless you go through the process of doing it which takes about 40minutes.

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    Try Right clicking on the NAE/NIE’s and command them to archive.
    I find I have to do this a lot especially when dealing with LON stuff and discovering devices and points.

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