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    First of all Tinman....Being a PJ during DS I take offense to your previous post..if you want to be(all) patriotic go ahead.....I was in the trenches for my country.....I don't need to prove myself is time for the younger generation to do what I did...change of the to speak.....

    Don't you dare criticize people for not wanting to go....we... that have served... gave up a lot when we where there..I myself, respect every person there now, but I am happy and peaceful with where I am now..knowing what I did in the past.

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    Well this does sound tempting even if you only do it for a year and be done that is some nice change in the bank account.

    When you do the math this is only like $20 an hour I dont think it is really worth it in the end. You can't enjoy the extra money if you are 6 feet under.

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