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    Can Lake take his pellet gun?

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    I'll go for 150.000 seven day work week 10 hours a day.100.000 paid to family up front.

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    you will probably work 12 hours a day. its a lot of pressure, you got to be warry of everything, you probably can't move anything without looking real good it could be booby trapped, evem garbege could be dangerous, you would never know who is friendly or not, unless your really hard up you are better off getting a job here close to home maybe less but without the aggrevation and stress of being over there.

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    Originally posted by wingnut3
    All the above info provided by Luna seems on the up front.
    NOW, we'll be in a combat area working around military bases with armed locals taking pot shots at the base and the personel at will. You can't tell the friendlies from the enemy walking down the street since they don't wear uniforms. (anyone else having flashbacks)
    Sounds a lot like a summer camp I once visited years ago at the invitation of our government and paid by same.
    Could this be a treeless Viet Nam?
    Will we be issued weapons? Can we bring weapons along?
    I hate being shot at and not able to shoot back. Takes all the sport out of it.
    Are we required to wear BDU or can we dress as we like?
    If BDU is required are they provided at no charge?
    Are we charged for meals, rooms, showers, or anything else?
    As I figure it this works out to less than $19.25 an hour.
    Is this correct?
    What's all the fuss? You all wanted work did'nt you?
    This is job creation man!- for the good ole American boys!!
    Yep NAFTA took all our jobs here so now we can start looking overseas. Remember you have to provide your own
    body armour!
    the answers to the real questions are hidden from man.

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    so are you going for it tim?

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    Originally posted by refrtech
    No amount of $$ is worth my kids growing up without a father !!
    My thoughts exactly
    There are 3 ways to do anything in life; Good, Fast, Slow: You can pick any 2.

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    One important note about working conditions- as everyone has noticed, they want you to work almost 2 years worth of work in one year , under horrible conditions, but only pay you maybe 10-20% more than you would make for a normal year.
    So you are away from your family, surrounded by unwashed ,
    overworked, beerless people who are forced to eat MREs,
    Huhhhmm sounds great NOT!
    Who would accept these conditions, except desperate people?

    I feel quite fortunate I am not there.
    My son was there in the miltary, and I learned all I needed to know from him- I will never go there.

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    i'm impressed there's not enought iraqis who will work hvac or will not work because they know they could be killed while working?

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    From what I understand Working for Hally you will be in Afganistan or Iraqi American base camps. some camps have nice converted shipping containers, others have nothing but tents.
    The shipping containers have A/C and showers. The thinking is the army does not want locals for security reason's. it only takes one bad apple to due some damage.
    If common sense is so common how come so few of us have it!

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    i figure we will never hear from lunaz again too dangerous an envirorment to operate in. i bet you there are indians and filipinos and maybe bengladeshis out there right now doing hvac work at a lot less pay too.

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    Lunaz, looks like not too many techs are willing to go..guess why?Cause we are are smart and we know what is going on in Iraq and in other countries...Say you might try the KGB.Germany or France tech they might be interested....

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    Re: KBR - Middle East Living Conditions

    Originally posted by lunaz
    I tell EVERY CANDIDATE the following about the living conditions, not to talk them out of going but to ensure they are CLEAR on what they are getting themselves into:

    • You will be living on a military base, possibly in an 8-10 man tent (like you’ve seen on MASH) and sleeping on cots with sleeping bags.
    • Although a few sites may have different lodging situations if you start out in a tent you should expect to live in it for the duration of your stay. There will be no upgrades to living conditions.
    • You will be provided 3 meals a day. This could be hot food or MRE’s (same food that the military eats).
    • For your protection you will be confined to the base at all times.
    • The base is under general order number one at all times, meaning NO ALCOHOL. There is zero tolerance on Safety and Alcohol violations and either of these offenses can lead to termination on the first infraction.
    • It goes without saying that life on these bases can be dangerous - gunfire, rocket and mortar fire is not uncommon. Everyone needs to be on their toes and alert at all times and safety has to be the #1 priority.
    • You will be required to receive a smallpox and anthrax vaccination when you arrive overseas. (For the record, if a death occurs due to anthrax, the body will be cremated so as not to pose a threat with a contaminated body.)
    • You will be issued and expected to learn to use an NBC (Nuclear Biological & Chemical) suit in case of a biological threat, which you will be trained on.
    • You will be required to participate in the medical plan provided by Cigna as your primary coverage. It is an 80/20 medical plan that will cost you $105 per month. If you have any dependants under the age of 19 you are required to bring documentation that shows they have existing coverage, otherwise you will be required to purchase coverage for them at an additional cost of $105 for a total of $210. This will cover your spouse and any eligible dependents and must be your primary insurance coverage.
    • All jobs are hands-on and everyone should expect physical labor.
    • Everyone walks, you may have to walk the distance of one or two football fields to get to dining facilities or showers, etc..
    • If you are in Afghanistan (or Uzbekistan) it can be very hot with extreme temperatures in the upper 120’s during summer and down to 0 in winter.
    • Temperatures can be even more extreme in Kuwait and Iraq – ranging from 100 to 150 degrees during summer.
    • Showers will probably be cold, if and when you get one. You should expect to be dirty most of the time.
    • There is very fine sand that coats everything and gets in your eyes, your mouth, your clothes, your food and your living quarters. Sand and dust storms are very common.
    • There are all kinds of rodents and bugs: mice, snakes, scorpions, ticks, sand fleas and spiders in the camp and living quarters.
    • We have a 20% turnover rate and have had candidates quit after just one day.
    • There is no guarantee on the duration of the project – if the military pulls out, we are out of there too.
    Do I get the keys to push THE button...or to the armoury?
    If a day went by without a problem - there'ld be a problem.

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