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    Newby to this site here.All the guys at the shop talked
    about this site.I have been a hvac tech since 1996 working
    the nashville tn area for 7 years most I ever made 18.50 and
    put up with a ton of overtime!On call three weeks at a
    time. It did not take long for that to burn me out.My question is where is the money?I have heard chicago,arizona.which is the real way to go union or not?
    I have alot of light commercial some heavy(chillers,boilers)experience.

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    how much do you get for just being on that 3 week watch without going out?

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    Smile you get shafted

    Oh thats the great part mangment has a 3 tech on call
    system where you are 3rd back up then 2nd back up then
    on call 50 dollars for 1 week when you are on call
    but here is the catch your new guys (10 years and less)
    always back up guys 10 years and up so I bet you guess
    how that works out? they are not supposed to call you
    out unless they are to busy to do all the work there
    self.what really happens is they give you all there
    work If you complain alot mangment just blows you off like
    they care.then they give you 15 hours a week in the winter.the bad thing its like that at alot of shops
    in this part of the country.In the nashville area there are
    a lot of shady operations.Most shops hire anybody that
    can sell alot regardless of experience.I was lucky
    got alot of commercial time and was in the commercial
    department.The guys in the residential department got
    the same shaft with 80 to 95 hours a week for three
    weeks in the summer.

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