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    Guest column by "Mark Andrew Dwyer"

    Julius and Ethel Rosenbergs passed American nuclear secrets to Soviets in order to advance the cause of Communism. They were a part of more or less spontaneous movement that aimed at weakening the U.S. to the point at which this country would become vulnerable to foreign pressure and unable to resist the spreading of Socialism. Although the Rosenbergs were caught, tried, sentenced, and, promptly executed, the plot they participated in worked pretty well for their cause. The nuclear weaponry that the Soviet Union was able to develop based on the information obtained from the Rosenbergs greatly supported that country's credibility as a superpower dominating in Eastern Europe and (attempting to dominate) Southeast Asia, and increased Soviet political influence in Africa and Latin America. As a result of the latter, today's Third World is drifting to the Left, which disturbing fact has already contributed to an increase of revolutionary sentiments among blacks and Hispanics right here, in America.

    Unfortunately, the Communists were not the only group of Americans that would trade their country's strength for their own political or economic objectives. Most of common traitors that passed our military secrets to our sworn enemies or potential adversaries did so for purely economic reasons. It pays off, one can argue, at least on a short run, to sell classified information to cash-wealthy regimes. It generates profits for the traitors, which they usually inject back to American economy. It may even create more jobs in America once foreign military begins buying from us spare parts for their U.S.-designed weapons. (I always wondered why those in the U.S. who are in favor of "matching willing foreign workers with willing American employees" have not dotted the "i" by saying that they are also for matching willing foreign spies with willing American traitors?)

    Passing advanced technologies developed by resourceful and laborious American scientists and engineers to Third World countries in order to profit handsomely from cheap Third World labor belongs to the very same category: Rosenberging. It rips of American inventors, who were often laid off after developing a new product or new technology, as well as the American society that provided the infrastructure for these inventors in which to function productively and effectively, of their due dividends on their investment of work and talents. It strengthens our adversaries and enemies by giving them state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and products that they can and will use against us while competing with American nation for markets and scarce resources like habitat, fresh air, and fossil fuels. (Think how impotent the terrorists, the drug cartels, and the rouge regimes would be if it weren't for computers, cellular telephones, precision weapons, and aircraft that they got from us.) And, of course, those who "outsource" American national intellectual property to others make fortunes on their cynical lack of loyalty to the country that made their endeavors possible.

    The most obvious example in this category is consumer electronics. Television was invented and developed in the U.S., but now there is no single American company that manufactures TV sets. Production of semiconductor memories, once unchallenged American monopoly, is mostly the domain of Asian companies that captured the lion share of huge profits in this area. And the list goes on and on and on. Interestingly enough, the very same companies that sell our inventions and technologies to other countries as they please, rise hell each time some hackers violate their intellectual property by "unauthorized" downloading of music or pirating of their software. Tell me more about hypocrisy.

    The group of today's Rosenbergs that inflict the most irreversible damage to America may be found among those who are supposed to defend this nation and its possessions: our elected officials. Not that each elected official is trading America for his advantage, but many of them certainly do. They give away what's not theirs to millions of Mexican "migrants" for personal and political profit, the so-called "cheap labor" and "Hispanic votes" are but two examples of which, although some of these elected officials will claim that they are doing that out of being "compassionate".

    One of the most visible attributes of this last kind of Rosenberging is a lack of adequate enforcement of the American border, which is particularly inexcusable under the circumstances of the State Department's already lax standards of admission for prospective immigrants. Some claim that the border is being enforced pretty well, which is an obvious bull taking into account over million of illegal aliens a year that cross it as they please. Some others claim that it's impossible or economically unfeasible to enforce it, which is another obvious bull, particularly if one takes into account the American military successfully enforcing borders of other nations, like Afghanistan or Iraq. But the bottom line here is that each and every time when the Border Patrol or the I.C.E. (agency formerly known as I.N.S.) steep up their enforcement efforts, they get a call from circles of power telling them to back out or else. And the budget cuts for these agencies often follow.

    Almost 60 years have passed since the Rosenbergs begun the trend of making America weaker for supposedly a better cause. As a result, this nation lost a big part of the edge it used to have against its enemies, adversaries, and competitors. Today, our working middle class suffers from economic slowdown, stagnant wages, and off shoring of high-paying jobs, while the rest of the world and the rich profit handsomely from their inventions and technologies. Our Southern border is being raided by millions while our government refuses to enforce it. Mexico, a country with no military or economic strength, is dictating America her immigration policy. So, perhaps, it's time to say "No" to giving away to others what rightfully belongs to American nation and to send all today's Rosenbergs packing.

    You may wish to remember this while deliberating whom to vote for in coming elections.

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    I can't disagree with that, but I see no change with the election either way. This has been going on for years.

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    James, ya gotta remember that dems/libs wake up to a new world everyday. They have no apparent recollection of the past.

    They get up out of bed each morning and look at their driver's license to find out what their names are.
    No reserve. No retreat. No regrets.

    For those who have fought for it, freedom has a sweetness the protected will never know.

    Proud member of KA Club

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