Hmmm.... How do I start?

Well, I am a 1 year experienced service technician at this point. 95% service calls/ 5% install tie-ins and startups.

Can't do a lot more than flex duct, I am not a sheet metal mechanic. If someone does the fab work, I can assemble duct work.

I am professional and courteous to customers and do a respectable amount of selling/setting up for the boss to sell to people.

I am also a 27 year experienced controls/DCS/PLC/DDC/relaying tech/designer who worked in mainly oil/gas/chemical/processing/power generation and manufacturing facilities. I crossed over to HVAC about a year ago.

WHY? You might ask...
Well in XXXXX County, Tennessee there just aren't a lot of fields open where my experience could migrate well. I had previously worked and lived in Houston and Atlanta respectively before moving to this tiny corner of nowhereville.

Since the wages here are related to the local economy, which is rural, I make a pretty low wage ($11.00/hr - no benefits) .

My boss often remarks that he can't send me to this job or that, because he makes so much more off of me troubleshooting and performing service. I would say that on the electrical end I am better than a lot of people and that I understand the physics of refrigeration pretty well, although as any service man can tell you...I get one out of left field that is tough from time to time.

I have about 20 good years left to work and I want it to count, so my question is this......

Where do I have to relocate to in order to do the best in the HVAC business? I know there are particularly good cities/regions out there but I want to make the right choices.

Any input?