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    when putting together a smoking room in a bar what hrv to supply 6000 cfm of fresh air would you recommend

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    6000 cfm? Contact Boeing and see if they have any spare engines laying around...

    Sorry....couldn't resist.

    And I don't have an answer to your question-I don't deal with HRV's that much.


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    post in commercial

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    I think Semco makes some sort of 3 micrometer SIV wheel that only captures water molecules and passes the smoke particulates. This will provide energy recovered fresh air without recirculating smoke. Better give them a call to double-check though.

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    Originally posted by tohvacguy
    when putting together a smoking room in a bar what hrv to supply 6000 cfm of fresh air would you recommend
    How many sq.ft. of floor space, expected occupants, climate, and heating/cooling system? Avoid any devices that could transfer pollutants back into the fresh air intake. Smoking rooms may need 25 cfm per occupant. 240 people? If a green grass climate, what about humidity control? 6000 cfm of 75^F dew point air is about 250,000 btus/hour of latent load to maintain 50%RH. Sound exciting!

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    I believe smoking areas are 60 cfm per person (IMC) which would be 100 people.

    Also, ASHRAE allows down to 35% RH for healthy and comfortable relative humidity levels.

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    Smoking Rooms

    Limit the amount of people in a smoking room to 10 to 15 at one time,that will lower the size of HRV, the room must be totally sealed from the other areas, your local Workmans Compensation Board should have specific specs on smoking rooms in Pubs.

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    I have equipment for this smoking bar

    It will not move the air at the rate you are asking for
    but will remove all tobacco smoke in the area.

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