i'm totally disillusioned by the election campains that's going on, attacks and hollow promises yet no clear agenda on how that promises are going to be carried out, kerry was promising to stop the job hemorage but he never stated how he is going to accomplish this, we are wasting money in iraq i.e. build a new detention facility to replace abu graib yet that money could better be spent at home, bush promises to return troops home, which is not a bad idea, all the money they spend in a foriegn country would do better here. besides that those country should burden their own defense anyway.
employment , jobs, healthcare, social security and domestic security should be on top of the list, oh forgot to mention taxes, honestly i believe there should be no deductions straight forward 6% of income regardless of how much would be fair on everyone because we would all share the burden, and this should be applied to corporate america.
i also believe we should leavy an import tax on everything brought into this country at a minimun a receprocating trade aggrement if they want to export something to this country they should import something in return.
companies that move their operations specialy manufacturing should be penalized, maybe it might cost more in prices but if that money was used to create jobs at home it would be worth it. i could rant and rave for hours but it seems to fall on deft ears, sure you could contact your local representative but i've yet to get hold of him, i tried to get hold of the senator from my district but he is too busy to be available, this girl took my number and he is yet to return the call.