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Thread: HRV or ERV?

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    It's a fact, jack
    The way we build has a greater impact on our comfort, energy consumption and IAQ than any HVAC system we install.

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    HRV and ERV

    Evening to everyone.

    I have read some of the statements below which are helpful. I ask anyone that has direct working with these devices to please sound out I need all the information that I can gather about these devices. I am in the second year of the HVAC degree from the local college and we are wrapping up the psychrometric charts and starting into the fresh air input and how it affects the pocket book of the home owner and the beneficial effect concerning health.

    Thank You

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    Thank you for the informative articles that I have read! Hands on education is still number one in my book. I have been in the copper tubing manifold and tube and fin coil business for 24 years and due to my plant getting move to Mexico I am now getting into the HVAC field and this information is great guys thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldenear View Post
    First, just about all of the HRV's and ERV's distributed in North America are built either by Venmar or Lifebreath. Companies like Bryant, Lennox, Broan, Carrier, etc. just rebadge these manufacturers' boxes.
    Too funny.

    According to, all of these units have the same specs:

    Bryant ERVBBLHU1150
    Carrier ERVCCLHU1150
    Frigidaire ERV 150
    Maytag ERV 150
    Partner's Choice ERV-150
    Rheem 84-ERV-100
    Ruud 84-ERV-100
    Tappan ERV-150
    Westinghouse ERV-150

    Is this a good ERV. Which is better, this one or the vanEE 1001 ERV (Broan ERV100HC)

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    Quote Originally Posted by wetwindows View Post
    I stumbled across this forum 3 days ago. It has exactly the info I've been wondering about.

    I also live in SE Wisconsin and am planning on installing a renewaire erv. My question is sizing the erv. I have a house with a vaulted ceiling and walkout finished basement.

    The upper level of the house 2400 ft2. The basement heating and cooling is not optimal as there are only two heat vents, no returns. Assuming I will not change anything in the basement regarding forced air heat, do I size the erv for the 2400 ft2 upstairs or do I include the basement too?

    the units I am looking at are the ev130 (handles 2700 ft2) or the ev200 which handles an area >2700ft2.

    side note: the ev200 seems a bit more energy efficient, but I don't really understand the numbers...

    thanks in advance.
    Have you called to talk to the people at Renewaire, if not give them a call and talk to Duane hes a pretty nice guy and will answer all your questions, I just purchased there EV-130 have not had the unit installed yet but will have with in the next week, I'm also in WI, up in Sheboygan, I'm going with a dedicated duct system to include the baths and living spaces with individual exhaust points and dump the fresh air into my return air to the furnace. Get the percentage run timer and if need be get a 2nd or 3rd point of use for the bath ares if needed for showering to run and exhaust the excessive moisture. If you haven't already purchase the Renewire give me your e-mail I got a place where you can buy them fro a very good price !!

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