Got a call from a contractor that I used to do service work for, back before I "retired."
Conversation went something like this: I have a fireplace that we installed and we hooked it up temporarily for the H/O to use until the electrician was done. Now that the electrician has finished his work, I can't get the fireplace to work.
Answer: I can't remember,,go to Se-----, and turn left at the stoplight before Mcdonald's then East to the first stop sign and it's the second house on the right.
Question.....Do you have a H/O name and phone #?
Answer: Yeah, but not with me. There is a key around back, and we are all just coming and going and doing our thing, and she is out of town at the moment, so just go down there (25 miles one way) and fix it.
Question....Is the owner's manual and installation instructions on the site?
Answer: No,,,,,they've been lost or misplaced, but I know you can figger it out.
Question....You remember I'm retired?
Answer: Yeah , I know but can you just go take care of this and just send me the bill?
So guys, how do I get some paperwork on the fireplace, and a wirirng diagram?