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    No, I havn't had a leak on an R-410a system yet. The 3 or so leakers I have found have been over a 10 year period since I started doing service.

    We are a 2 man shop, so we don't have a whole heck of a lot of systems out there. At 200 installs a month, you guys put more in per month than we have in 4 years.

    I imagin as everything changes over to R-410a more in the next few years, we will all be spending a lot more time finding and repairing leaks. There won't be any more of the juicing a pound or 2 of refrigerant in a system every couple of years. Those little small leaks that add up to a pound or less a year in an R-22 system would make an R-410a system go flat in a matter of weeks.
    Smaller molecule + higher pressure = faster leak rates.
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    We have been exclusively putting 410a Trane units in The Villages now for about 3 years. We have tons of them out there. I'll tell you what though, a 410a leak can be a pain in the arse to find. It is completely different than leak checking R22. I use the H10G electronic leak detector (have a Inficon Dtek also) and you have to basically be right on top of the 410A leak to find it. It doesn't really travel down the armaflex like R22 does. With R22, you can be in the neighborhood of the leak and the detector will start talking to you. Not with 410A. You have to be patient with the detector also, don't move the probe too fast or you'll miss the leak. It can be real frustrating to leak check a 410a system. That has been my experience and that of the other service guys at my company, at least. Maybe we're doing something wrong, who knows.

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