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    Opinions like those that started the thread are EXACTLY why federal money should never have entered the school system.

    In 1988, I was working in a fast food joint. We had to inventory our fryer grease. We inventoried what was in the fryers with a ruler (17 pounds per inch of grease).

    I remember having to teach a high school senior how to read the ruler. I didn't get into how to multiply fractions and just let him give the measurements to the manager.

    We also had a cashier that couldn't tell a senior citizen how much her discount would save her on a fish & more.

    The discount was 10 %. Fish and mores were $3.73.

    The cashier wound up being valedictorian.

    Ignore the funding aspects for a moment. No child left behind puts STANDARDS out there. Many people have acused it of "Making teachers teach to the test."

    I hold that if the "test" has the barest expectations - like ruler reading and decimal point moving - that teaching to the test isn't a bad thing.

    And if teachers aren't teaching to that minimum standard - then we've got bigger problems coming.

    FEDERAL Education spending has increased under Bush.

    Note that eighty - odd percent of education funding comes from THE STATE level - precisely BECAUSE it isn't the federal governments job.

    Here's proof - from the ISEA which I'm willing to bet hates no child left behind with all it's heart and sould, yet not even they could find data to support a claim that NCLB was to blame....

    So.....since NCLB is terrible......What's your plan?

    Eric K

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    Originally posted by bigtime
    When I read about people complaining about public education, I wonder if they have experienced problems first hand, or are passing on perceived problems they have heard about. I know that public education has served me and my family well.
    I agree bigtime.I am proactive in school.The kids first few years I went occasionally,helped out.If kids got in trouble-I only took their side one time-rest of the times they got in trouble again from me-as was the case with me when I punked off in school.I attend conferences when I can.This year kids get sex education-I have already called and told them I wanna know when faggotry,um,homo sexuality is taught as my kids will not be attending that.They were all ok with that.Most times the school acts like a baby sitter because so many times parents dont care about their kids.And if their kid goofs off-they wanna sue the school for harassment etc etc.Ticks me off.

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    Originally posted by infwsdm
    Originally posted by i_got_ideas
    Yeah, that no child left behind act is just great.

    Here in Iowa our schools faced huge budget cuts. We can't afford anymore teachers and kids are taking class in locker rooms, boiler rooms, and teacher's lounges. On average in our area of the state each school is over crowded by no less than 200 students and under staffed severely. Many schools have dropped physical education, after school activities and they are now eliminating shop classes. To save money the middle school and high school now let kids leave for lunch, since it costs money to staff the kitchen. They were able to cut kitchen staffs in half but now some kids only have a Marlboro for lunch, some leave and don't go back. As far as I can tell if Bush gets 4 more years our kids will be attending school for core classes only and being sent home since the schools won't be able to pay to keep the power on.

    If this was suppose to be better for our kids he was DEAD wrong and I pray for the future generations that he doesn't get 4 more years to cause further domestic destruction.

    Now I know this is going to get the Bush Cult all fired up but I state facts as I see them, that's all. Infact I believe John Kerry voted for the No child left behind act. However, he thought it would be funded, when in reality the funding was nearly entirely cut. He full intends to recend the act while Bush, even with the clear proof it doesn't work plans to deapen it's wound it has inflicted on our schools. Next thing you know Bush will get rid of financial assistance programs for college, OH wait he already did that .


    A mess don't describe it.

    Did you vote against the millages?

    The schools in my town are overcrowded and old. 2 years in a row the millage didn't pass.

    That means NO NEW SCHOOLS or Programs.

    People did not want their taxes to go up.

    I bet you voted NO huh?

    or you didn't vote at all.

    I got ideas needs to do more thinking. Go back to school boy, you're a mess!!
    I am proud to say I DID vote. I voted NO. WHY? Because our school wasn't going to buy books, add class rooms, or even hire more teachers. They wanted millions to build a new high school. There is nothing wrong with the one we have. They spent thier 10 year maintenace budget for the high school to buy ground to build the new one on with out asking the public, that pissed the whole community off. So, not only are we not allowing them to build new, they can't afford to maintain the one we have. And you know why they said we need a new high'd never guess.....they said our old high school is too dangerous, says it has steps, we need a single level school. NOW, I'm sorry but if you can't walk up steps by the time you're in high school you shouldn't be there. I know we don't need a high school, I was there only 8 years ago.
    Now if they wanted a local option sales tax to buy books, add teachers, no problem.
    There are 3 ways to do anything in life; Good, Fast, Slow: You can pick any 2.

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    I am NOT saying it's all the school's fault. Many parents don't care anymore, well I do. I will be dumping loads of cash out for my daughter's private education. I do spend as much time as possible with her and I teach her all I can. She is just starting in pre-school in 6 more days, the best one around. She already knows more than most 1st graders, and only me and her mother have made that possible. She has more real world smarts than a lot of kids twice her age. She acts more mature than her cousins that are 10thru14 years old. I am proud to say I am there for my child and my life is devoted to her and any other I may have. It truly is a shame that all parents don't care as much but I can't do anything about that. Maybe all schools should be privatised but I feel that many parents couldn't afford that option.

    Maybe I am wrong in what I said but I do know that something needs to change. I know my child will grow up fine and she will get a great education from school AND at home. My only concern is how the future looks when most kids aren't being properly educated and when there parents don't care. Possibly looking into the past, into the 50's would give us some insight as to how things should work. When parents were parents, not your friend. When if you did something wrong your dad whipped your ass, but you go to jail for that now. I have and still do admit that I am young and I will always be learning. Ya'll provide great insight into things I thought I knew. I listen and absorb and sometimes yes I know I am wrong. However, those that make crude comments such as James4numbers only shows that they can fling mud but can't give a nice, rational rebuttle. If I am wrong, tell me where I screwed up or give your opinion, but if you are going to take jabs don't expect me to take you seriously. At this point James has just made it fun to post crap here just to get him all worked up, to see how far he'll go. To see just how uncivil he can be. Maybe this forum should just be called The Right Room.
    There are 3 ways to do anything in life; Good, Fast, Slow: You can pick any 2.

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    No Einstein, what you did is the typical lefty blame game. In this case you blamed GW and now you are changing the story. Don't blame me as well as the other because we have the god given ability to point out where in fact you are wrong.

    You did not create a forum for debate here. You made an attack that you got your ass kick at.

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