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    anyone having bad experiences with the ML series direct coupled actuator?

    Hnywl now has the MS series to replace the ML series that was marketed in the 2000- late 2002

    got a few jobs that the ML actuators don't have any balls and the gears internal are crunching while operating

    I thought I heard from a controls counterman that the MS actuator is a redesign

    anyone with input???


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    I have several of the ml series out there haven't had very many complaints with them. Seem to be working ok right now.

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    I have had only one bad ML7295 actuator, but I think it stemmed from someone trying to use the manual lock thingy. That little plastic (junk) philips head was stripped out and half pushed in. Sure made that actuator sound awful (grinding gears). Other than that, they seem to work well. The new ones can be a pain in the arse trying to line up the tiny pins and the socket - 1st thing to check when the actuator doesn't seem to be working.

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    Reasons to use the new Honeywell MS and MN DCA's:
    1. Honeywell is the world's largest actuator manufacturer.
    2. Self-centering shaft adapter auto aligns rotating axis on the shaft.
    3. Single bolt shaft clamp simplifies installation.
    4. Signal mode selector switch (floating, modulating, forward or reverse.)
    5. 95 degree stroke for positive closing pressure.
    6. Integral detachable wiring access cover simplifies wiring and eliminates the need for seperate junction boxes.
    7. Highest torque in the industry 175 in-lbs. SR & 300 in-lbs. non-SR.
    8. Oilite, cintered metal (self-lubricating) bearings used throughout.
    9. Graphite impregneted powdered metal (self-lubricating) gears used throughout.
    10. Can be used on shafts up to 1" in diameter.
    11. 5-year manufacturer's warranty.
    12. Made in North American factory.
    13. Top contractor for MS & MN purchases by year's end wins a seven-day cruise for two! Also, win prizes from web store. New football program starts next week - see distributor for details!


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    so you have alot of exp with the dca's

    my question on a possible gear problem on the now defunct/out of production 35in/lb 2 position 24v ML81851008 spring return produced 0228 serial code

    The MS series replaces the ML in this range and is now a 44in/lb

    I have 10 of these on a zoning job that is 9mnths old where 5 of 10 actuators are weak/slow to drive or will not drive when powered and you can hear the gears chunking

    I wonder if Hnywl offered a 5yr warranty on my dca's?

    Have you had any problems?

    My control counterman is inquiring with the regional Honeywell sales rep on this


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    Unfortunatley, the five year warranty only applies to the new MS and MN DCA's. However, ask your distributor to check with the local HW rep and maybe they can do something. I have heard of issues like you describe with the "old" style ML actuators if you mount them on a horizontal axis (on the top or bottom of the duct.) They should be mounted only on a vertical axis (on the side of the duct.)

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