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    Service Forms

    Before I develope my own, I was wondering if anyone has developed or if a manufacturer has developed thier own gas fireplace / logs service inspection form. Something that would show the homeowner what was done but it would also remind the tec on all of the points to check. It could also document pressures etc..for future refrence. JB

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    Cool 2 forms

    You need one form that has three distinct sections:
    -what you found
    -what you did
    -instructions & warnings to client with their signature and date
    You can add a receipt section or use a separate invoice

    As for detailed findings, readings, tests, etc, I recommend you use a separate form for "Field Notes" that the client does not see or get a copy of.

    What you want to stay away from on the first one (the one the client signs and gets a copy of) is any form of checklists, check boxes or fill in details. You do Not owe them a copy of your Field Notes, photos, video scanning, etc.

    As for covering your liability, what is on the client's signed copy is what matters.


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    Good advise Hearthman. I too would be interested in forms to make my job easier. Plus I want my customers to know what they are paying for. But for liability reasons its best not to have too many details that could haunt you later.

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