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    John Kerry And The Unasked/Unanswered Questions

    August 6 , 2004

    by Thomas D. Segel

    Though never even being close to entering the John Kerry camp, as a
    writer I have followed this presidential race with great interest. What
    I have found most perplexing is the Senator has built his entire race
    around his four month tour of duty in Vietnam. This is the same service
    he later decried as an anti-war protester, an activity he now fails to
    mention in his public addresses.

    Many questions have arisen about his valor in combat, but though they
    fester below the surface, I have yet to hear or read any of these
    questions being brought up to the candidate by members of the combined
    electronic and print media.

    Having an Internet reader list of several hundred retired military,
    veterans and reservists, I sent out a note, requesting their input. I
    asked them if, in their military experience they knew of anyone who had
    been awarded three Purple Hearts for minor wounds in less than three
    months, then sent home. I asked if anyone had ever heard of a Silver
    Star being awarded to someone who shot a wounded enemy soldier running
    away from the action. Finally, I asked if anyone knew of, or had seen
    anyone taking home-movies of their combat action or attempting to
    recreate that action on film, after the fact? The answers I received
    were not all on topic, but all were most interesting.

    One of the first to respond was Major Norm Hatch, a combat photographer
    in WWII and a Life Member of the United States Marine Corps Combat
    Correspondents Association. Speaking on the side of caution, he
    reminded me that, "Someone in the Navy's medical command had to certify
    the wounds to enable him to receive Purple Hearts, not the least of this
    being a navy medical report on the treatment received."

    The best answer to that particular statement comes from Lieutenant
    Commander Lewis Letson who was a medical officer serving with the Swift
    Boats. Says the Commander; "I know John Kerry is lying about his first
    Purple Heart, because I treated him for that injury."

    Major Hatch also posed this question, "Don't you think that the crew
    members who supported John Kerry during the convention could have
    knocked down any of the allegations that keep flying around? I question
    that they would put their integrity on the line just to walk out on the
    stage that night."

    First, it should be noted these former service personnel came on stage,
    but did not speak. So, perhaps other Swift Boat veterans who knew and
    served with the candidate can best clarify Swift Boat veterans support
    for the candidate.

    Former Swift Boat officer Lieutenant (jg) Jack Chenoweth says, "His
    account of what happened and what actually happened are the difference
    between night and day."

    Gunners Mate Van O'Dell was with Kerry during one action. "John Kerry
    lied to get his Bronze Star. I know. I was there and I saw what

    Another Swift Boat officer is Lieutenant Commander George Elliott who
    claims, "John Kerry has not been truthful about what happened in
    Vietnam". He is echoed by former Ensign Al French who bluntly says,
    "John Kerry is lying about his record."

    Rear Admiral Roy Hoffman, who was there among the Swift Boaters, further
    reinforces these comments. The admiral holds both the Distinguished
    Service Medal and the Silver Star. He says, "John Kerry has not been
    honest about Vietnam."

    Commander Adrian Lansdale, who received both the Legion of Merit and the
    Bronze Star, says of John Kerry, "He lacks the capacity to lead".

    The final Swift Boat officer to comment was Lieutenant (jg) Larry
    Trudow, who said, "When the chips were down you could not count on John

    Gunners Mate Overly Hackled completed 202 missions with River Division
    594 on the Vam Co Tay and Van Co Dong rivers. His boat worked with SEAL
    teams and performed special operations, along with running regular
    patrols and setting up ambushes on the rivers. He says, "I never saw
    anyone get 3 Purple Hearts in four months, not that it couldn't happen.
    And if you got three you'd be one lucky SOB not to get hurt worse than
    Kerry did. I never saw anyone get a Silver Star for what he reportedly
    did and I never saw anyone with a home movie camera. Sure as hell nobody
    was taking pictures of anything during a real firefight. The boat
    Captain would be driving the boat and all hands would be putting down
    suppressive fire and would have had no time or business filming
    anything. Your job was to survive, kill the other guys before they
    killed you."

    The Gunners Mate concluded saying "I honestly think the whole Kerry
    drill was a plan he had from day one to get 3 Purple hearts, come hone a
    hero and become the next JFK. When he got home he found no one was
    interested in a Vietnam War hero, so he became an anti-war hero."

    Retired Marine Colonel Tom Hobbs had stronger words to describe the
    Kerry Swift Boat saga. "If it looks like a rat, smells like a rat, it's
    most likely a rat. With three Purple Hearts in such a short time, I'm
    glad we weren't in the same company in Vietnam. He must attract the
    enemy. If memory serves, one criterion for a Purple Heart was evacuation
    from the unit for 24 hours. If a corpsman patched you up and sent you
    back to duty, no Purple Hearts, just a combat experience. If Kerry's
    integrity was breached at such an early age, I wonder if that is why he
    is so flip-flop today?"

    Jay Adams served in both the Air Force and the Marine Corps, retiring as
    a Master Sergeant. He wonders if the Senator's awards don't add up to
    "Quite a number of decorations for a short four month tour." He also
    feels that the truth has been covered up. He thinks the political elite
    in partnership with those who report the news orchestrated the cover-up.
    "Even if such a cover-up came to light", he says, "The mainstream media
    would never publicize it."

    As of this writing, 123 retired and former service personnel responded
    to my questions. Of that number four were neutral in their remarks.
    Three, including a retired Woman Marine, were admitted Kerry supporters
    and felt he should be given the benefit of the doubt. All the remaining
    veterans had strong reservations about the Kerry candidacy. Since
    military comments are still being received, this topic may warrant a

    One person who is very clear in his thinking about the upcoming
    presidential election is retired Air Force Colonel George "Bud" Day. He
    says, "The Kerry Vietnam anti-war movement directly encouraged the
    vicious torture I received as a POW in the Hanoi Hilton, was
    demoralizing for other POW's and their families, and provided aid and
    comfort for North Vietnam to continue the war.

    "I can think of no action more despicable than false public condemnation
    of warriors on the field of battle, as John Kerry made under oath.

    "Senator Kerry is unfit to become President and our Commander in Chief."

    Colonel Day, an Air Force pilot, former POW and war hero, is the
    recipient of the Medal of Honor.

    Thomas D. Segel

    Thomas D. Segel is a twice wounded, former combat correspondent who saw
    enemy action during the Korean War and two tours of duty in Vietnam. He
    retired from the Marine Corps as a Master Gunnery Sergeant after 26
    years of service. His next assignment was as Director of Information
    and adjunct faculty member of the Marine Military Academy. He then
    completed a new career and recently retired from service with the State
    of Texas, where he was Director, Division of Information, Texas
    Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, Rio Grande State
    Center. He holds the Thomas Jefferson Award for Journalistic Excellence,
    The Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association Distinguished
    Performance Award and six Armed Forces Writers Association Distinguished
    Achievement Awards. Segel has authored four books, including "Men in
    Space" which received the honor of being placed on both the National
    High School and National Junior High School Library Lists. He currently
    writes for several on line publications, national magazines and
    newspapers. His writings are distributed nationally to more than 1,300
    publications by the Paragon Foundation News Service. He holds an
    undergraduate degree from the University of Texas Pan American and
    earned his masters degree at Vanderbilt University. He is a past
    national president of the United States Marine Corps Combat
    Correspondents Association. Segel resides with his wife, Pattie, in
    Harlingen, Texas.

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    Originally posted by spike
    John Kerry And The Unasked/Unanswered Questions

    August 6 , 2004

    by Thomas D. Segel

    You like many others have offered no documentation, just the hearsay testimony of right-wing supporters.

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    You are wrong.

    In my new-found fervor for right-wing conservativism, I have appointed myself to tell you that on behalf of the entire republican party.

    It's not your fault.

    Somebody had to be wrong, and this time it was you.


    Vote for Bush.

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    I heard that the only question about Kerry that needs to be asked is:
    Is John Kerry a war hero, or
    an ANTI WAR hero,

    In otherwords, will John Kerry support the military?
    Or will we get another clinton???

    I know I am afraid of what my taxes will rise to if Kerry is elected.....
    Someone on this forum stated that John Kerry was a self professed war CRIMINAL.
    If it is proven that he lied to the citizens of the US as to some of the things he did in viet nam, then what are we getting into if he is elected?

    I don't want another liar in the white house, nor do I want an anti american, nor do I want higher taxes....

    [Edited by cehs on 08-28-2004 at 10:00 PM]
    Those who dance, appear insane to those who do not hear the music.
    Those who believe, appear ignorant to those who do not know God.

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    What is so alarming is people hear the testimonies of all those vets and just shrug it off and say there's no documentation. Those vets either knew him personally or served with him in his unit or they recognize a fraud when they see it. He served 4 months in country got 3 purple hearts with no hospital time? Plus a bronze star and silver star? Come on don't be foolish there is no way those medals were deserved.
    Kerry's a fraud and he is not qualified to be Commander in Chief. Not to mention his record as a senator where he missed 2/3 of all the votes. But he was right there to vote against pro life issues and military funding.

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