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    Paul Hamm the American Olympic gymnasist won Gold. Now the IOC said they might have made a mistake and have asked Hamm to give back the Medal.

    Once again America unites!! "Hey IOC, 'F#@k You!'"

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    Benncool, it isn't the IOC that wants Hamm to return the medal. It was the gymnastic judging committe. The IOC told them they wouldn't support a request for the medals return and that they, the gymnastic committe, should take responsibility for their mistake. Wasn't Hamms fault the medal was awarded to him. The Koreans had an opportunity to protest immediately after the event but declined to do so. Bottom line, shit happens and everyone can't be the winner. I feel for the Korean who decided to stay in Athens and wait for the medal to be returned. Now we will have protests in Korea and every other country about how the mean Americans took the medal.

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    One way to solve the problem

    Nuke North Korea!!!

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