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    Don't you liberals get tired of trying to defend Kerry's traitorous past and his anti-military, anti-american, pro-UN voting record? Or are you too embarrassed to admit you have been duped by a biased media and a Lying, sorry excuse for a presidential candidate? But wait you probably supported the pants dropper slick willie too. Do you really hate your country so much that you would vote for someone who has devoted his life to dividing and corrupting the very values our country was founded on? There are so many reasons not to vote for Kerry and the only reason you seem to have to vote for him is your hatred of Bush. You are truly blinded but your ignorance. I just pray that you and your kind are in the minority.


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    Re: they tried to buy him out before they kill him, ?

    Originally posted by 2seasons-employed
    Originally posted by mikemich
    Is there a vet or does anyone know of a vet who earned as many medals Kerry did in only 4-months? Give me a break,who was Kerry associated with at the time and what was their true motives?
    Kerry stood up agains the sensless war of cold politics, its the same as the iraq war next thing youll be saying is we nedd to be there so we can spend billions or is it trillions? and then you'll say how safer we are as a country that saddam's weapons of mass destruction were found and that we killed his too sons, and that after commiting sexual offenses agains the pows, we are a better people, now! and that you can sleep better knowing that, youre a trader and so is bush, and a coward to say that someone who defended his country is a coward, youre a scum bucket, and the hypocrits for hiding those war crimes against the pow's, were cowards too, they hid that for a year, the overtime gone? what benefit is that to us? american workers and their families? think about it?the same administration Kerry fought for denying the existence of pow's, agent orange, the families of the pow's tell them, not the ignorant! just because they fool you doesnt mean everyone else has tunnel vision! the blind leading the blind

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    I thought we were talking about Kerry in Nam.You've escaped the subject by expressing a childish opinion of Iraq.Open a history book and tell me of a vet who has earned the medals equal to Kerry in only four short months of active combat,you can't.Here's a little advise,during the 2seasons of unemployment go to school loser.

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