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Yep, just a bunch of Republicans with oil in thier viens here. Some seem to be grabbing the crack pipe a little too much lately. A few clearly have emotional or anger management problems .
I just love it when the people that opppose Bush start talking "The War" is for oil,dont drill for oil in wildernesses and Bush is working for oil companies..would ya'll answer these questionso you own a vehicle?,Does your company own and operate vehicles to keep you a job,Do you own RV's,ATV's,boats,lawnmowers,etc...,does your wife drive a car to the mall,Do you take a airplane for business or leisure , Do your children ride a bus to school or do you or your spouse take them in a vehicle to school,-I could go on and on. Until the American society is capable or willing to turn back the clocks for a way of life that was 150 years ago or find alternatives then it is real simple"WE NEED OIL"..IMO the war is not for oil but was to contain a tyrrant and yes we did find WMD's,Hussein is a WMD-look how many of his own people he murdered..About drilling in the widerness-- where your house is, was a wilderness at one time so are you willing to tear your house down and let the land revert back to wilderness status.About oil companies, we need them for jobs and to help supply a comoddity to help support a way of life that we will not give up. Some say that they make to much money, dont you want your company that you own or work for to make money,just because you dont financial benefit from them doesnt make them BAD, would you want all of them to go broke, then what you do with that vehicle in the drive way that you owe money on?????????