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That cooler can't be bought new for what my client is asking for it, if you don't like the price don't buy it.

Trying to sell a cooler is legal, what the guy in the craigslist ad is doing is illegal.
You need to check your pricing, what state are you in?????
Oh yeahhhh Florida i must have missed one of the lines on one of your posts.
Do you have a contractors licenses?
Ohh yeah, i must have skipped another line,,,,,,,are you really THAT much better than everybody else??????Ohhhh yeah i must have missed any of your posts.

Coolers are given away brently, the price is a joke, pure rip off, how are you going to come on here and post something like that knowing we are all pro's????? Wait, wait, wait i know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,You dont know what the thing is worth because again,,,,you are out of your debth.
And you are going to post a walk in on here that you client is selling,,,,,,im gonna drop a dime on ya buddy,,,bad bad mojo