First time poster here and I was hoping somebody could help out with an AC issue.

AC 24APA736
Furnace 58MVC100-1-20

System was installed a couple of weeks ago and was have trouble maintaining set point when temps reached around 90 degrees. Installer advised that system should be able to hold temp until approx 94-95 degrees outside and our old AC did so. They dispatched a tech to check out and increase the fan speed which he did.

Before tech arrival:
High Stage Cool
1008 CFM / 0.4 static pressure

High Stage Cool
Post tech departure:
1108 CFM / 0.44 static pressure

This evening the set point could not be maintained and the High Stage Cool readings had returned to the exact pre-adjustment measurements of 1008 CFM / 0.4 static pressure. So it seems the settings did not stick once the system cycled off or were overridden by the control. I've got a call into the installer but since it's the weekend I was wondering if anyone knew why this would happen?