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    May 2004
    Walking across the parking lot to my next job (I do transport stuff, so my 'next' job is just a few yards away), another tech hollers out "Hey Will, come check THIS out".

    I go over and find him gauged up to a running unit and he says "You ever see **** like this ?".
    Looking at his high side gauge, starting around 100 psi, it would slowly climb to 350 or so, then back down. Pause about 5 sec, then repeat.
    Did this 3 times, low side didn't even budge. My jaw dropped, "What the f... ?", I'm thinking.

    He shuts the unit down so we could hear ourselves talk. "Never in my life" I say to him, "What do you think ?", he says.
    I'm doing a quick visual and everything 'looks' normal, he throws out some weird ideas and then says "Think that's goofy, watch this".

    Cranks up the thermostat and restarts the unit.
    10 seconds after restart, high side 'pegs out' and sticks, made me jump back alittle.
    I'm again thinking...WTF ???.

    Right about then, I saw another tech across the yard, laughing his head off.
    I turn to the 'jokester' standing next to me and grab his gauge set outa his hands and flipped it over.
    The SOB been pulling my leg, the back of his high side gauge is all tore open and he's been 'finger' operating it.

    That was 2 months ago, so I figure enough time has passed that retaliation won't be suspected.
    I work with a great bunch of guys here and a well thought out, non-harming, safe practical joke is always welcome.

    I'm open for ideas.

    ((And please, I can already hear all the preachings on the 'whys' and 'how comes' practical jokes don't belong at the work place, and on the most part I agree. But done tastefully and in the right atmosphere/conditions, I see no harm.
    So if you want to preach, lets start another thread. ))

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    I have one stick a open can of tuna under his seat and that broken gauge

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    God that's good, I'm gonna have to do that to someone, I just happen to have a bad high side gauge sitting around
    There are 3 ways to do anything in life; Good, Fast, Slow: You can pick any 2.

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    Practical jokes are dangerous! You don't see that during the humor of the moment.

    That being said;

    You know a guy who can read minds. The victim is sure to say your full of B.S.
    You will call your friend and prove it (long distance is best). Before the call the victim picks a card. Your friends name is the wizard, and hes in on it.

    When he answers, you ask for the wizard? The wizard then begins saying the suits of playing cards; Hearts, spades, ect. You interrupt him with is that you Mr. wizard after he says the correct one. He then counts A,2,3JQK, Interrupt him again when hits the correct one. The wizard repeats the correct card to you. This time ask him if he will talk to a friend of yours, nothing more. Hand the phone to the victim and if you hooked him well, it will get him good.

    Its old and cheesy but it works well. If you blow the set up. Let the wizard tell the victim sorry but there are times he just cant do it, maybe another day. It will be even better next time.
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    long zip tie on the drive shaft just dont let the boss catch you doing it.

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    Rapid City, SD
    I've bungee'd a few doors shut before. Sure supprizes people when thier door slams shut just as they get it open. There's always the grease on the door handles too. Can't forget screwing someone's coffie cup down (if it's a plastic cheap one, I wouldn't reccomend doing it to a prized possion). How about taking apart a few of thier snips and pliers and putting them in a box?

    Or my favorite, take a black magic marker and draw a crack on thier windshield. Looks pretty convincing until you get up close.

    Kinda mean, but that might give ya a few good ideas.

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    Slacking off right now
    He gpt you good really good you were burned good !
    I'm going to do that to my apprentice next time - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

    Arguing with some people is like wrestling a pig - eventually you realise the pig actually enjoys it

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    I switched the blue hose with the red hose a couple times that will getcha.

    FS, We used to do the Mr.Wizard thing all the time and act like we were trying to talk his wife into waking him up as to give up the card like you described. That blows peoples mind when you do that to them.

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    Find an old low battery smoke detecter that beeps every 5-10 minutes and bury it in his van. Let him try to figure out what and where it is.

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    You know that perforated shield that is above the catalytic converter on a van? Grate a pound of Limburger cheese into it.

    It lasts forever, and makes the truck unsellable. You have to get out and stand beside it at a stoplight.

    Your wife says you can't park it at home.

    You take every piece of ducting out of your A/C and defroster.

    You know that jerk neighbor? Park it in front of his house. That'll fix him.

    He quit and moved away...... I never did find out how it ended.

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    Who'd have thought of sticking your finger in the back of a gauge?

    Man, that guy's goooood


    Keep us posted. I can't imagine what he'd do to you next, after you retaliate, but sometimes you just gotta

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    in a tree looking in your window
    You know what they always say about jokes in the workplace:

    Its funny up until someone loses an eye, then its REALLY f#cking funny.

    Get em
    If you dont stand behind our troops, please feel stand in front of them.

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    put a cheap cut of beef in his hubcap.

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