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    evaparator coil question

    Can someone post or point me to the tech spec of 2 coils listed below?

    Aspen - 36D44+TDR / Trane - 4TXC037

    Would you go with Aspen over Trane?


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    I'm not an Aspen fan so I'd say go the Trane. Those coils are now all aluminum which is proven to be more reliable than the copper tubing used before. Also Trane coils are actually tested with the equipment so they will get rated performance. They also have 10 year parts to original registered owner.

    3rd party coils are computer simulated so you may or may not get the capacity & efficiency rated. They are now limited to something like 8% higher than the OEM coil gets since in the past there were some wild claims on SEER ratings so much higher than the OEM got.

    Usually Aspen is quoted to get a SEER point for a rebate or tax credit that you can't get with a Trane coil.

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    Got it. Will stay away from ASPEN

    Can you tell if this system would qualify for a gov. rebate?
    Outdoor - 4TTB4030
    Coil - 4TXCB05
    Indoor - TUD080R9V4K

    There is also a possible rebate ($300) from PECO if SEER of the new system is 14.5 or greater.

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