Hi All,

I've been searching around the net trying to find some answers with little success and hopefully one of you professionals can help me out.

We recently bought a new home with a HE 95% furnace that has a cold air intake vent located in the rec room. The furnace and vent are located on the same basement floor ( side by side ) and there are 2 more cold air intakes, one on each of the 2nd and third floors of our home.

The problem is the furnace is quite noisy in the rec room so we are thinking about installing a sub wall in front of the air intake to seal the furnace and intake room away from the rest of the rec room. The wall we want to install will be approx. 16" away from the intake vent, will this decrease the efficiency of our furnace or otherwise harm the HVAC in our home?

Thanks in advance,

Roger and Cindy