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    Just wondering what anyone knows about starting a business in MO. It seems as if things are done in a cheap manner, which is probably due to not having to be licensed. ANY input would be greatly appreciated, from insurance to job bids. Thanks.

    -Nathan Chapman

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    Talking Mo or Ok, What to do?

    (You replied to my eastern Okla topic last week)
    My wife and I have, and are also looking at Missouri. We own 2 lots on Tablerock. Branson area looks to be booming and we have a lot of kin down in the Branson to Blueeye area. It is about 3 hours to the part of eastern OK I need to be close too. We still havent fully decided. I did pull up the licensing on the state and it was pretty straight forward. None needed, but I couldnt find anything about municipalities.
    Here in Alaska, I had to have a State license and a Borough (like a county) license. I am just starting out, doing a little P.M. service and starting some sub contract work passed over to me. I am still in school and very green so it is nice to have someone, like the guy I helped this summer. I can call his cell and pick his brain. I am a very concientious person,(Mabey too much so),that likes to be sure I'm right before I'd give myself of the outfit I am helping a black eye.
    We know we need to be close to family, but I need to feed my family as well. (I hate to be a parasite but, if you come across anything in this job hunt, you think I might be interested in, and you're not going to use, I'd appreciate you sending it my way, thanks:-)
    My E-Mail is:
    Johnny Kirby

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