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    I had an HVAC professional tell me that in N.C. it was the law that if you changed out your outside unit, you had to change out your inside unit. Any of you all on here work N.C. and, if not, any suggestion as to where I can look to verify this assertion?
    If he is being truthful then he has my business, if he is lying then he won't get the time of day from me.

    Thanks for any input. Have a great day.

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    Sounds a bit extreme to me. I've change condensers that were struck by a car, Lost a compressor out of warranty, and had coils that weren't worth replaceing. In all these cases I wouldn't understand why the AHU would have to be replaced too.It might only be if a system is over a certian age.

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    Not 100% sure on this...but I call

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    According to the ICC website N.C. has adopted the IMC statewide. Nothing in the code that requires automatic replacement of the AHU when replacing a condensing unit. I'd refer to mfg. instructions since many high end condensers require changing the coils also to achieve the high seer ratings. If your replacing a 10 seer no need to automatically change ahu.
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    sounds like B.S. to me also....

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    There is some truth to this. If you replace a heat pump you have to at least replace the evap coil at the airhandler. The coil has to be a listed match to the heat pump to pass code. If you install a new Payne heat pump and have old heil airhandler and you can fit a Payne N-coil in the airhandler, it will pass inspection . You cant butcher the airhandler.There are a few of us that can do a neat ,pretty job. Just leave the paperwork for the inpector. Straight air is not that critical and you dont have to replace the coil (yet).
    Some inspectors are not as strict as others.

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