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Thread: Pressure gauges

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    If the tech's name is "Unit" then yes you might have a bad unit. You might want a second look at this new install.

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    To ConnieB: your "tech" is not a tech, but a hack! Get someone out there that has a clue (would NEVER bypass a high pressure switch, for one...).
    To Matt: your terminology makes you sound like a DIY'er, and I just recently was in an accelerated training environment and we used the correct terminology there at all times. If you are that close to your "associates", you should know that switches apply to electrical (primarily) and "valves" apply to fluid or vapor movement. I have "valves" on the end of some of my hoses, and LLF's on the rest. There are no switches involved in a guage manifold (unless maybe a digital one, but don't have one yet). If pressures are "maxxing out" on the guages, they should have taught you in troubleshooting 101 what the cause would be. I am also a student, and just this year got my 608 universdal and 609 certs. but have been on the warmer end of hvac for about 15 years on and off. I don't work in the trades , but as a building "engineer" for a branch of the govt, and am receiving some excellent training from them. I have read this post in it's entirety, and you should go back and read markettech's ( ) post about 4 more times. I am also working on getting my post count up to apply for pro membership. These guys here really do know their stuff, but I appreciate them not just giving it out to every DIY'er that comes along. Respect them, do what they say, go pro, then your questions will be answered.

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    Thank you Swariz. We contracted a reputable company for the install or thought we did. I took the first pro's advice after they sent 3 "hacks" and requested a supervisor. He is here as I type so we will see...... Connie

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    Hmmm. I seem to see alot of people who aren't qualified to do this kind of work giving alot of hard working people issues (can't say "hack" because i'll get in trouble again!)
    It gets me frustated in many ways.

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