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    How do you clean coils on the large Rheem Classic units

    The model is RAPC-048JAZ, I unscrewed the top panel and lifted up the fan and held it open with one hand while I sprayed the coils with the hose, but there is 2 layers of fins and the water doesn't seem to get through to the outer layer when I spray from inside. There is no easy way to access the outer fins other than spray it through the louvers. Seems like spraying them from the outside would just cause it to gunk up in the middle between the two layers.

    How do I clean the fins all the way through?

    It looks like this one

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    Umm, just remember that if you break it you buy it.....
    Double check the disconnect.
    Dig deeper. baby these are a PIA, that is why it costs some bucks to have it cleaned properly.
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    The way your doing it is the correct way, that sucker must be really dirty if you pressure nozzle will not push the water all the way through, there is also coil behind the service door don't forget about it. If it really dirty, you may have to use some coil cleaner, I never use an acid base coil cleaner, I use a non acid if I have two, but usually I can get one clean with water, unless it has not been cleaned since Moby Dick was a minnow.
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    take it apart. be sur the power is disconnected.

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