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    sliding glass doors

    Got a sliding glass door. For the last couple of years it has had days where it is almost impossible to open then all the sudden it seems to work fine.

    Now Ive noticed that the front bottom edge that closes against the frame is eating into the bottom tray...chewing up metal.

    ANybody know if there are replaceable parts on the bottom of the door... wheels or rollers or something....and how exactly do you get the door out and back in.

    Yes..I can probably google it....but Id rather ask here where I can possibly ask follow up questions if I get into a bind.
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    I would buy a new french door. Sliders suck. Yup, all of um.
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    I have to agree with spots, replace the door.

    To answer your question, yes you can get a track for the bottom and new bearing assy. They are pricey and you need to know the model number of the door.

    The doors come off easily, loosen the adjustment and then lift the door up and out from the bottom.
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    To remove: depends on brand. Anderson has a trim piece that un screws, allowing you

    to pull the top out (towards you) then lift up off the track. Some doors have a leveling

    adjustment that raises or lowers the wheel assembly. Inspect, clean, lubricate both

    wheels and track......if wheels need replacement try Lowe's. Liquid dish soap on track

    works well to keep it slide'n. Good luck.

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