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Thread: Copeland Help

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    Originally posted by ssscarpone
    I put the red on the high side (insulated suction line) and the blue on the low side the smaller copper tube.

    And two other businesses said the same thing.
    Why do homeowners still think they can do this themselves!
    ssscarpone does not even know high and low
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    low side 150 high side 130 bad valves
    i have seen a lot of bad valves and low side higher then high side maybe i missed class that day but never seen that
    is it a heat pump in heat mode and your connecting to suction line and liquid line instead of suction port of compressor. on a lenox unit it is tucked up above the line set about 8 inches or on the compresser suction side about 6 inches from the compressor. i could see 110 low and 150 high if valves are gone totaly you would be equal or at least close. check you gages are the needles on 0
    make sure they are not bipassing and talk to you instuctor
    maybe he will make it a class efford. i know i would
    if it is the compressor call lenox and get the right one for the unit also get the cap for it to. always change the cap and start capif one on any compressor or motor replacement

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