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    Due to the failing health of our parents my Wife and I are looking to move back to eastern Okla from Alaska. We feel we should honor our Parents in this manner and that our children should know their love more than from a telephone.
    I need info on work in the area. If not I need to find out about the hoops I need to jump through to get my own service business established and do some emergency responce and subcontracting work, as I do here.
    Wado, I would appreciate any and all help.

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    I respect what you're trying to do, kids most of all need to know compassion and love. I too have been looking to relocate to E. OK, but have found the payscale to be less than pleasant. How close would you be to NW Arkansas? Someone such as yourself could do well in this booming area. Just thought I'd share.

    -Nathan Chapman

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    Due to the population and close proximity to family, we were looking at the Tahlequah area. My wife and I were both raised in Westville, Ok. The area around Stilwell and Westville is fairly depressed. The Poultry Industry has pretty much ground to a halt in this part of OK. due largely in part to state watershed restrictions. When I first got out of college. One of my first jobs was working for Hudson Farms, (later bought by Tyson). I started at the feed mill in Westville OK, worked through the ranks and ended up as a Hatchery Manager in Rogers. Thats what got me turned on to HVAC. I didnt get into this to get rich, I just like it. I just hope I can support my habit of work and get the kids raised.
    My Dad still has his few old cows,(his work habit), even though he had a stroke early this summer. The rest of my family is helping put up the hay and keep things going, while he recovers.
    Well It sure is good to hear from you, Thanks for Posting. Kind of makes me want to get home even more. I would like to keep in touch with you and maybe when we come down for a visit this winter, we can get together over at AQ for some yard bird and fried okra, HA. We dont get much of that up here. Where are you at over in NW Arkansas anyway? I see by your quote, you are a fan of the same author, "I am".
    Thanks for the visit.
    -John Kirby 907-746-4347

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