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    I got a call on an 06L recip....The oil pressure switch had tripped.I checked the oil level and it was good in the sight glass.I restarted it and it looked like a lot of foaming in the crankcase. I ran it for a few minutes and then shut it down and the oil level was below the sight glass.I let it set for about an hour and when I came back and checked the oil again it was just right in the sight glass..I was wondering where the oil was migrating to and what checks I should do.

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    is the crank case heaters working? alot of them had 2. is the unit flooding? do you have an oil filter on this one? you should have at least 45psi oil pressure if every thing else is ok. if not unload all loaders and recheck oil pressure. if you have a bad loader or line to it you will loose oil if it is tring to load up. next thing does it have the long oil pump or the short one? when the short one failed the long one normally replaced it.

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    sounds like flooded starts. oils and refrigerants are paired for their micibility (ability or affinity for mixing) that way the refrigerant flow returns oil.

    1. effective or net oil pressure (to determine oil pump performance) oil pump discharge pressure minus suction pressure.

    2. crankcase heater operation?

    just to kick it off try these, someone will add on i'm sure

    history does help. how much and what work has been done to this in the past, and how recently. no need to respond to these ask yourself, and keep looking.

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    Crankcase heater is working.This machine is running on 134a.(polyolester oil).Air dampers are open but this is a hot deck cold deck type machine..When I get there the dampers are all calling for cool..But I wonder if maybe when the rooms are satisfied the cold deck is deadheading the air flow and causing the oil to migrate. ???.

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    Check the expansion valve bulbs for cleanliness and tightness. Also see if they are insulated. Are they R-22 valves?

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    make sure your not flooding, need subcooling and superheat.
    is compressor loaded up and unloader set corecctly. 55# chill water 58# dx. crankcase heater needs to be working but thats not your problem. whats the head pressure low head pressure causes oil problems, water temp or return air is it to cold. you need to take superheat and subcooling. our oil is probably laying in the bottm of cooler or evap.
    also just becuase oil is at bottom of sightglass do not add any oil. pump it down and that will get it back to crankcase. if you do not solve oil prblem then youll be changing compressor shortly and if it keeps tripping pressure switch donot reset till its fixed.

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    i would'nt be looking at oil migration right now. thats just my take.

    a flooded start is (just to clarify) is the rapid boiling of refrigerant entrained in the oil in the crankcase, that is the reason you see the foaming. and the change in oil level. over time this can lead to excessive bearing and journal wear due to refrigerant washing away oil.

    imo you should be focusing on the overall health of the compressor determine the cause of oil failure and work from there.

    if the cold deck is gaining static and compressor does not respond accordingly you could have flood backs. but that would not necessarily cause an ofs trip.

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