I am a registered Republican, but have had full intentions of voting out mumbles this year.
I have been following the race, and I must say...Kerry is insane!
What is with this guy? I still cant figure out where the hell he is coming from?
If someone can explain to me his plan for the future I will listen...
Says he will support the military but votes to cut military spending?
Fight a more sensitive war? What is that? Group hugs singing Cumbia?
I still cant figure out his stand on Iraq. One minute he is pulling troops, the next minute he is sending more?
Seem like he walks a fine line to which he can jump back and forth...this way no matter how things turn out he can say "I ment to do that"
Things were much simpler 13 years ago, The economy was in the dumper, Bush was president and we were at war with Iraq!
My how things change...
I dont know, I think I will have to stay with Bush...at least I know where he is coming from.
I must say being a Dad of two small kids I feel safer with Bush running the show than Kerry.