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    I need some help here gentlemen. I currently have three points in a primary/secondary that employ orifice devices for measuring chw flow. i am looking into buying a sq root extraction device to measure and report the flow automatically, however i am planning on installing a delta p gage in the mean time and as future back-up. do any of you have a formula for a standard orifice plate and gpm. i have looked every where and cannot find the typical sq root for chw. i.e. the sq root for air is 4005, with the density correction factor aplied for the temp and hum. But what is it for CHW? any help is great thanks.

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    get the manufacturer and model of the circuit setters and have them fax you the pressure drop days you can usually just download it from their website.

    every brand circuit setter has a different curve.

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    The ones I've seen always had a chart right on the plate itself. It's not covered with insulation is it?

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    If there flow measuring stations you need a flow chart for that size.
    If they are circuit setters you need the slide rule.
    I think they are all manufacturer specific ie a Bell and Gossett slide rule won't work for a Tour and Andersen valve.
    Get a decent gauge and bleed it before every reading.

    the square root of (actual delta p / design delta p) x design gpm = actual gpm

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    Exclamation carefull

    i could probably give you all the formulas for measuring
    water flow however without manufactuers specific info on
    the orfice device all these formulas will only be rule of

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    strictly just an orifice plate. flat stell plate installed in sixteen inch pipe, with an orrifice 9.023 inches Dia. no more than a 1/8 inch thick. old school stuff here. no balancing valves at this point.

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