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    Where I can Buy this tool and opinion about It

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    Some wholesalers can special order them. I've had one for over a year and will never be without one again. Once you use it you'll know why. I would caution you that full knowledge of HVAC troubleshooting is still a must. The Service Asst will give you a diagnoses that will lead you down a rabbit trail if you don't know your stuff.

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    You can buy this from or call (610) 825-7200 and ask for Joe Falcone or Ernie IV. They are running a special on these right now.

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    Great Tool! It automatically diagnoses the health of a RTU and gives expert service recommendations to improve system efficiency such as "add charge", "clean condenser", "change filter", etc. It also serves as an electronic maintenance log and PMI checksheet.

    Also gives an equipment efficiency index rating and capacity index rating for the unit. It can even calculate estimated annual dollar savings if recommended service is performed. More info at:

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    My company did an early test on these... Marcus at FieldDiagnostics was very helpful (Honeywell rebadges)

    I would have liked to be able to use a WIN CE device (wireless) and also noted that extensive use really wasted the built-in guage set. (parts hard to get at the time)

    The diagnostics were decent. -still need a tech to evaluate.

    However, for the most part I like it. If I could have easily merged some of this info into a service ticket that would have been really impressive.... although I think you could "rip" the site or arrange to have the info imported.

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