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    Our city legalized fireworks...sorta

    Our county legalized the sale and use of fireworks last week and as our city had no laws on the books regarding fireworks sale or use within the city limits...they became legal

    It was like a war zone in the neighborhood down the hill from us last night.

    There have always been holiday fireworks shot off in the city by those willing to break the law.....but last night was nearly unbelievable.

    From about 9:30 till a little after midnight you couldnt hear yourself thing from all the thuds and stuff.

    I bet by new years the local slimeballs will have an ordinance in place banning fireworks in the city....that is if some of our city leaders dont jump in on the fireworks sale bandwagon.
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    Wow I guess that's what happens when fireworks get legalized...... Everyone goes nuts. Fireworks have always been legal for us, you here them here and there year round, then tons of them on the 4th and up to the 4th and that's about it.

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    They issue permits here for the 3rd. and 4th. it really helped. Now you don't have a bunch of random popping that makes it difficult to predict when you have to put the pets in.
    They also put a no tolerance with hefty fine for those that don't follow the rule.
    When it was illegal to shoot em off there was a whole lot more popping going on before the 4th.

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    This year the city first allowed fireworks sales for the tax income then realized how hypocritical it was to not allow actually using the fireworks so now we can the 1st thru 4th until 11PM. No rockets on a stick, though. One of our neighbors put on a big display last night.

    Last year when it was illegal, like many people we did fireworks anyway. Hey, it's the FOURTH OF JULY. We had just finished and gone back inside when the cops arrived. The neighbor across the street had called. Funny thing is, the next door neighbor had just started theirs so he got to speak with the cops. No big deal, no citation, just had a friendly chat and the officer let him know who the a**hole was. So this year, oh my god, it's going to be an event to remember, once the rain stops. We've got four dogs, two are ok with it, the other two get doggie valium.

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    One of the maint guys at a site I work at described things best.

    His wife and himself moved into a new house a few years ago, not far from me. In this area it's legal to blast off fire works, and there's a lot of people who do.

    They were sitting on their back porch watching some neighbors shoot off some when his wife asked "hey, what's that glow coming from the front of the house"... they walked around front, and they kind of over look a good portion of the area (they are on a hill), and the sky was full of fire/sparks/smoke/explosions from everyone. He said that view is the best display he could ever ask for, and it only costs him a few beers to sit and enjoy it lol.

    Tomorrow night I'll be doing my part to put on a show for the neighbors, should be a pretty good time.
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    Last night we got to view the citys official display. Its always very viewable from the house because we are surrounded by hospital parking lots and low buildings....and its nice to be able to sit out in the the quiet...with a fridge and restrooms just a few yards away....and watch..

    Most of the neighborhood comes out for it.....cause we are all poor...and I guess because we get as good a view from our street as we do fighting for seats, refreshments and restrooms down at the field where the city has its event.

    But.... the neighborhood behind us went absolutely wild again last night....and I watched both shows alternating between the front yard and the back yard.

    Some of the folks down in the neighborhood behind us must have spent a fortune on fireworks because there were some very impressive displays going up.

    I suspect there will be more tonight but I believe a lot of folks are going to have to get up and work tomorrow so Id say it wont be quite like it was last night or friday night.

    We are cooking out dad wants a cookout with whatever family we can round up....which aint much... but hopefully we will all have a good time.

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    The bible is my constitution and the constitution is my bible.

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