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    Hi, I am a union journeymen hvacr mechanic. I finished my 5 year apprenticeship in june and found myself looking for work due to working for a small company in which the employer only has apprentices. His reasoning was simply the fact that he said he could not afford me. I then found a temporary job where I was strictly hired to run an A/C job installing 46 residential A/C units and 6 rooftops at a high school. The company that I worked for informed me at the end of the job that they attempted to bring me on in there service department, but they are already overmanned. So now that the install job I was on is now completed I am in need of a job. My first four years I worked for a company primarily piping grocery stores and servicing refrigeration racks. The past year and a half I have dealt with more of the A/C and heating side of the trade and throughout I have worked on light commercial refrigeration. Although I have heard that it is promising that there is already a company that wants me in my area I want to see what else is out there. I do know that my area is in trouble and work is slow, therefore I am exploring my options and considering relocating preferably in the southeastern portion of the country.

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    You should be able to contact your local, and see if there is anything available there, or ask them to contact the area of interest in the southeast to see if there is a call for the work you seek. It could save a lot of time.

    I am out of the Memphis local, and Journeymans wages are 23.51 per hour. A little higher in the eastern part of the state. You could be permited in any of these areas as a traveler.

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    no8no3 contact me at

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